Auto-driving car

MOTIV, Gordon Murray’s autonomous single-seater cabin with electric drive

MOTIV is a single-seater ‘pod’, which provides the versatility of either personal transportation or last-mile deliveries.

Nuro’s next-gen driverless delivery vehicle received approval for road traffic

The small Nuro R2 vans do not need brakes, steering wheels or side or rear mirrors.

Bosch is making long-range LiDAR sensor for self-driving cars

Bosch’s long-range lidar sensor will be first solution suitable for automotive use.

Audi teases new electrically driven off-roader of the future

It looks like Audi is putting a new twist on the self-driving car concepts. In the past few years, it has unveiled three AI...

Zumi: Make AI learning a fun

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere, whether you use Amazon Alexa, own a Tesla, play mobile games, or use Google Maps. Learning how AI works...

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