Lockheed Martin’s PrSM achieved a flawless performance in its second flight test

The missile performed exactly as expected and successfully engaged the target with pinpoint accuracy.

Lockheed Martin successfully tested PrSM tactical hypersonic missile

The Precision Strike Missile, a next-generation, long-range precision-strike missile designed for the U.S. Army’s PrSM program.

U.S. Army develops CAPS to prevent hearing loss in military working dogs

Thanks to an Army small business innovation program, canines may have new gear to protect their ears.

“CRS-H” Robots to come in U.S. Army to dispose of explosives

Robot designed to detect, identify, access, render safe, exploit, and achieve final disposition of heavy explosive ordnance.

U.S. Army’s will soon test its pocket-sized reconnaissance drone in Afghanistan

It is not new when the U.S. Army is trying to make its military services more advanced. Some more recent technologies like remotely controlled...

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