UTHealth and CCNY develop the lightest exoskeleton for elderly

The prototype is approximately 60% lighter than commercially available exoskeletons.

IIT Madras launches India’s first standing wheelchair, Arise

Arise is a manual wheelchair with an inbuilt feature that allows the user to independently rise to a standing position.

Artificial hand combines robotic control with users’ voluntary control

Today's motorized prosthetic hands have limited functionality. They are difficult to use, as the users have to focus on controlling things constantly. To overcome this...

New prosthetic leg with bionic ‘feeling’ improves amputees’ health

While walking, healthy persons can feel where their feet touch the ground. The nervous system constantly draws on this sensory feedback to control leg...

Researchers implant sensors and nerve transfers for wireless control of robotic arms

Above-elbow amputations are more problematic than any other amputation because the humerus (the long bone in the upper arm located between the elbow joint...

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