Air Pollution mask

Self-adhering, transparent SEEUS95 mask makes you smile again

The world's first self-adhering N95 transparent shield and respirator.

JabberMask face mask can smile or mimic your mouth while speaking

JabberMask face mask will reflect mouth movements using LED lights.

LG’s new PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier looks like a face mask

A high-tech face mask that purifies the air we breathe.

A YouTuber created a gun that shoots masks onto people’s faces

During tests, it managed to correctly shoot the mask from a fairly close distance.

An affordable antimicrobial spray-based coating makes masks and PPEs reusable

They also 3D-printed 'ear guard' for comfortable use of face masks by healthcare workers.

South Korea developed washable and reusable nano-fiber filtered mask

It maintains excellent filtering function even after being washed more than 20 times.

Snorkeling masks are turned into emergency ventilators to fight COVID-19

The prototype as a whole has been successfully tested inside the Chiari Hospital.

O2SafeAir: The world’s first fully personalized air protection system

With every passing day, the number of demises due to air pollution is increasing. We are at that point where it is difficult to...

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