N bot robots are trained to serve guests at the hotel

The robots can deliver goods to guests in their rooms.

Heliogen’s new tech can replace fossil fuels in critical industrial processes

Using Artificial Intelligence, the startup has managed to reach record temperatures that exceed 1000° C.

Wikipedia co-founder launched a rival social network to Facebook and Twitter

No advertising, high privacy! WT: Social is a social-networking site and news sharing platform.

Intel presents two new Nervana processors for AI and cloud computing

Intel’s first purpose-built ASICs for complex deep learning with scale and efficiency for cloud and data center customers.

AI can identify up to 200 species of birds from just a photo

A machine learning algorithm that can determine the type of bird by simply looking at its photo.

Microsoft’s ultra-durable quartz glass securely stores data for centuries

Microsoft has successfully stored and read back the classic 1978 “Superman” movie on a 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 2 mm piece of durable silica glass, on which you can store up to 75.6 GB of data.

MIT’s new technique helps delivery robots automatically find the front door

For last-mile delivery, robots of the future may use a new MIT algorithm to find the front door, using clues in their environment.

Lexus LF-30, a futuristic EV with in-built drone to transport your baggage

Boasting four in-wheel electric motors, steering by wire, and Lexus Advanced Posture Control, LF-30 can offer a dynamic experience unlike any currently available.

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