Mayflower Autonomous Ship to cross the Atlantic without human crew

It is expected to complete the journey in just 12 days.

AI-powered warehouse robot easily sorts a limitless range of objects

It can handle the classification of objects of various sizes and shapes, no worse than humans.

Kubota presents an autonomous, electric concept tractor with AI

The futuristic tractor is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and the latest electrification technology.

Clearview app is able to know everything about you with a single photo

The name, address, or profession of any person are thus just a few clicks away.

Artificial intelligence to update digital maps and improve GPS navigation

A new AI system is to help improve digital maps for GPS navigation.

Sci-fi inspired medical bed could replace bulky and expensive X-ray machines

It is 70% to 90% smaller than traditional equipment and does not use heat or radiation.

Meet Reachy, an expressive, open-source humanoid system

With 7 degrees of freedom, Reachy’s arm features similar dimensions, movements to an adult human arm.

Samsung SelfieType is an invisible keyboard designed for smartphones

It converts any flat surface, such as a table, the plane's seat tray or the kitchen countertop into QWERTY keyboard.

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