Smart suitcase could help visually-impaired people to travel safely

They will also be notified if there are coffee shops or other facilities located nearby.

Japan builds an 18-meter-tall life-sized Gundam Robot that walks

One arm of the robot will be about two meters long and weigh more than 200 kg.

Two young robot geeks developed a bomb detector robot

It can be controlled by using radio waves from a distance of one kilometer.

Hiro-Chan, the faceless robot baby for therapeutic purposes

A soft training baby robot that responds to hugs produces a healing effect in the elderly in nursing homes.

With Robosen T9, the Transformers are no longer a fantasy

A transformer able to go from car to humanoid robot alone on voice command.

US Marine Corps is developing a robotic crawler to clear broken-wave mines

An unmanned robot system to scour the waters for threats in a mined environment.

Veo FreeMove, a safety-ratable vision system for human-robot interaction

It signals the robot to slow or stop as necessary for worker safety, and then to resume its program when it can do so safely.

MIT’s new robot can ‘grow’ like a plant, and squeeze through tight spaces

Its extendable appendage can meander through tight spaces and then lift heavy loads.

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