Wednesday, May 22, 2024

SylvanSport, Zeus join forces on 400-mile all-electric off-road motorhome

Manufacturers that see the potential of recreational vehicles (RVs) and electric drive combinations include the American companies Zeus Electric Chassis and SylvanSport. Zeus Electric Chassis is a fully configurable class 3-8 electric work truck chassis manufacturer, and SylvanSport is a popular name in the outdoor segment, with a wide range of adventure trailers, outdoor gear, and camping accessories. The two companies are teaming up to bring an innovative all-electric off-road adventure RV to the market.

SylvanSport envisions a new line of all-electric RVs, currently code-named “Leading the Charge,” with new technologies to eliminate emissions, reduce waste, provide water recycling solutions, and more. As the project is still in its beginning stages, full details about the innovative RV are not yet available, but what is known so far sounds exciting.

The electric RV is 25-foot (7.6 meters) long and 10-foot (3 meters) high and also boasts a gross weight of 14,000 lbs (6,350 kg). The all-wheel-drive motorhome rides on military-grade axles and independent front and rear suspension. It is powered by liquid-cooled permanent-magnet electric motors, delivering up to 290 HP with 3,000 ft-lb (4,067 Nm) of torque. The companies also promise fast DC fast charging and Level 2 charging, and an impressive range of up to 400 miles (644 km).

They envision a new line of all-electric RVs with new technologies to eliminate emissions, reduce waste.
They envision a new line of all-electric RVs with new technologies to eliminate emissions, reduce waste. Credit: SylvanSport

SylvanSport has made a name for itself by creating innovative products for outdoor adventurers, including smartly designed, multi-purpose trailers. The Zeus chassis platform was designed to go anywhere, anytime and be the perfect leading edge for on or off-grid, making us a perfect team in this endeavor,” said Robert Grinstead, Founder/CTO of Zeus Electric Chassis.

In terms of construction and design, it counts on light composite materials and is available in two color options: green and gray. The renderings show that it is going to include several unique features, such as an exterior table, a rear ladder, and enough room for two boats to be attached to the exterior side.

Through the collaboration with SylvanSport, Zeus Electric Chassislook is currently working on bringing its powerful electric RV motorhome to life, due to be launched in 2022.