Tuesday, April 16, 2024

SYFER to protect your privacy, security and family online

We spend most of our time on the internet. Sharing photos, accessing social media, tracking our fitness, clicking pictures, and many more things we do and exchange data. In the world of cyber threats, it is simply arduous to enjoy life and secure it.

Therefore, to protect our privacy, security, and family online, SYFER is there.

Roshan Daneshvaran, Co-founder and CTO, stated, “Users are compromised, breaches occur and sensitive information is stolen by cybercriminals on a daily basis.”

“The reality is most users don’t even notice this activity. For those that do, many do not know where to begin to protect themselves. With Syfer, anyone—and everyone—can be protected.”

Syfer is a powerful device designed to secure all your online activities and to protect it from outside sources. It connects between your modem and router, offering protection for your entire network and smart devices.

Device features

It can be utilized to protect small businesses and in-home networks. Also, it is accessible to any family member or friend of any age. This device does not require active maintenance from the user. Its affordable cost of device and subscription make Syfer accessible to anyone.

Syfer detects and inhibits malicious activity in real-time and restricts inappropriate content with real-time website analysis. It protects your browsing and purchase history. It enables Ad-free gaming.

This amazing device will not disrupt your online experience at slower speeds. You can use the internet at full speed without blocking any content. Also, it updates itself and makes sure to have the latest in privacy and security.

To do this all, Syfer utilizes combinatorial deep learning architectures for identifying the latest and unknown cyber threats. Such as ransomware, phishing, botnets, online fraud, identity theft, cyber criminals and malvertising.

It has a patent pending technology called TunnelShaper that enhances VPN performance allowing for much greater Internet speeds.

Araz Feyzi, Co-founder and CEO, stated, “At Syfer, we believe you should be in charge of the digital footprint you leave behind.”

“Protecting yourself in the cyber world should not be a privilege. Syfer is simple – because protecting yourself should be.”

When we keep an eye on emerging technologies on the market and adopt it promptly then why not the technology to secure it? Here, Syfer would be your perfect choice.