Super73 R-Series, the electric bike with a beach motorcycle look

Based in California, Super73 is a manufacturer of stylish retro electric assistance bikes that resemble legendary motorcycles from the 1970s. The startup has recently presented a new electric model, which is both a bicycle and an electric motorcycle with the seventies look: “Super73 R-Series electric bike.” It looks great and debutes a technologically advanced Super73 drive system with multi-class ride modes.

The latest R-Series range, consisting of a standard R model and a more equipped RX model, provides electrical assistance of several levels thanks to an electric motor that delivers up to 2 kW of power and allows a maximum speed of 45 km/h (28 mph). This version is recommended by the manufacturers on private property, while for the public roads, it recommends a 750-watt unit with a maximum speed of 32 km/h (20 mph).

Clearly visible at the frame, the lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 960 Wh. The battery allows a range of 60 km in automatic mode, just with the throttle, and up to 120 km using ECO mode, one of the four modes offered, coupled with the use of pedals.

  • Super73 RX model.
  • Super73 R model.
  • The battery accumulates 960 Wh of capacity.
  • The RX model adds premium LED front lighting,

The Super73 R-series has 20-inch wheels with off-road tires and a full suspension frame. This is unique in the world of pedelecs. Besides, the RX model adds premium LED front lighting, an integrated brake light, horn, full fender set, premium tri-tone paint, and a high-performance Tektro brake system that includes four-piston forged aluminum calipers.

The R-Series also offer technological equipment: LCD counter, a connected mobile application with regular updates. Fall detection or geolocation, or even frontal impact detection will come later as options.

Available for pre-order in California, the Super73 R-Series is available in two variants. The base R model is announced at a price of $2995 USD (Pre-order pricing is $2495), excluding tax and the premium RX model with an MSRP of $3495 USD (pre-order price is $2995). The bikes will arrive on the American market in spring 2020.


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