Tuesday, April 23, 2024

100% biodegradable pasta straws to help the planet

The mythical plastic straw will soon disappear in bars and restaurants. One billion plastic straws are used every day in the world. Most of them end up in the oceans, with disastrous consequences for animals and for the environment as well. A straw, it takes 400 years to decompose.

But fortunately, this straw problem has been solved by individuals, and they have found the perfect replacement without which some people, especially children, cannot even imagine a family lunch.

A few days ago, a Reddit user posted his picture of a special straw from a bar in Italy. His straw is indeed a great macaroni style dough. Far from plastics, this is another very local track that can prove to be an effective solution against plastic pollution. If you are interested in the straw, it comes from Stroodles brand.

The British brand offers biodegradable bucatini-like pasta as a substitute for so many fancied straws. But not to be misled, it’s not the store-bought pasta, but something that is modified. It can, therefore, withstand an hour in a cold drink, has no taste, and can be broken down after use.

The company says the 100% biodegradable straws are basically uncooked flat tubular pasta. But this pasta has a slightly nicer appearance than the average noodles. The Stroodles owner Maxim Gelmann even explains that people can drum with them without breaking. However, this wheat and water straw is not suitable for people with gluten intolerance.

They’re also vegan and can be easily resized to fit any drink, although they’re not recommended for hot beverages, according to the company.

Stroodles, which is gaining ground in the market, says they are not just an eco-friendly company, but an initiative and start-up for a sustainable lifestyle and pasta straws are just the beginning in their mission of disposing of plastic waste.

“We want to inspire the world and show how easy it is to do good – with just one Stroodle at a time,” its website reads. “With Stroodles, you don’t have to change behaviors and compromise on your drinking experience.”

A box of 12 straws is available for just over $4, while 100 straws will set you back $15.85.