Thursday, April 18, 2024

Stromer and Blubrake bring the first S-Pedelec with frame-integrated ABS

Swiss manufacturer Stromer, together with Italian brake specialist Blubrake, has developed a speed pedelec with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) fully integrated into the frame. This is a new version of their high-end urban electric bike, Stromer ST5.

With the speed pedelec, both companies respond to research that shows that blockage of the front wheels and instability as a result of a sudden change of direction is the leading causes of bicycle accidents during braking. This was the reason for brake specialist Blubrake to rethink the ABS concept and develop a new system for the market.

Blubrake’s solution is seamlessly and invisibly integrated into the frame, leaving the bike’s original design unchanged. As the first Speed-Pedelec with a fully integrated Blubrake anti-lock braking system, the ST5 regulates the power of the front brake – for controlled braking on a slippery surface and roll-over protection when the brakes are fully applied.

The fully integrated anti-lock braking system from Blubrake.
The fully integrated anti-lock braking system from Blubrake. Credit: Stromer

The Blubrake anti-lock braking system raises the safety standard of speed pedelecs by ensuring a safe driving experience even at high speed and abrupt braking. When braking abruptly, the front wheel can lock up or skid to the side, or the rear wheel may lift off the ground. The Blubrake anti-lock braking system on the Stromer ST5 detects potentially dangerous braking maneuvers and automatically regulates the pressure of the front brake.

The system works on the front 203mm disc brake of the ST5. It consists of a speed sensor on the front wheel, which transmits the information to an electronic unit equipped with an inertia sensor that will control the ABS module coupled to the brake master cylinder. The housing and the ABS module are integrated into the upper frame tube. The control screen displays information on the activation of the anti-lock brake system.

The high-quality ground frame perfects the clean look of the ST5.
The high-quality ground frame perfects the clean look of the ST5. Credit: Stromer

If the ABS senses that the front wheel stops spinning as the bike continues to move forward, it intervenes by modulating the front brake’s hydraulic pressure to prevent the wheel from locking up. It is difficult to assess the efficiency of the system without having been able to try it, even if we imagine that it must work the same way as for a motorcycle.

For the rest, the Stromer ST5 is equipped with a powerful 850-watt bottom bracket motor (650 watts in the US), which delivers only 48 Nm of torque. On the other hand, it promises a fairly high range of 180 km (112 miles) per 5.5-hour charge, with its 48V/983 Wh battery. Besides, it provides integrated head- and taillights and a top motor-assisted speed of 45 km/h (28 mph).

The Stromer ST5 ABS is reasonably expected to cost more than the base ST5, which starts at $9,999 and will be available in the market from June 2021.