Wednesday, April 10, 2024

STEMpedia: one place, infinite innovations

Every Child loves creating things. They always try pushing their imagination limits more and more. But they couldn’t explore everything that they want to. If they could access the right resources conveniently and handy all the time, they can explore more and pursue the invention.

Here we got the best resource for such a creative child – STEMpedia, your own Dexter’s lab that can be the best platform for everything you need to get creative. Learn the basics of new-age tech, build countless projects, program robots.

STEMpedia is for everyone from a beginner to the expert. The kit comes with all the essential tools you need at one time – world-class hardware, versatile kits, intuitive coding interface, an app to hypnotize robots, tutorials, online courses.

STEMpedia: your own Dexter’s lab
STEMpedia: your own Dexter’s lab

Let’s see what the STEMpedia Starter Package comprises of:

Evive Starter Kit 2.0:

The Evive kit contains hundreds of electronic and mechanical components Young Makers’ Guide, and evive – the most versatile and intuitive e-brain. Exploit its plug-and-play interface, wireless communication abilities, audio-visual features, the project-making instructions in Young Maker’s Guide, and the numerous sensors and actuators inside the kit to make dozens of projects.

STEMpedia: your own Dexter’s lab
STEMpedia: your own Dexter’s lab

The STEM Safari:

STEMpedia kit is provided with a series of three interactive and engaging online courses, which reveals all the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of the electronics, programming, and robotics through a learning-by-doing approach.


It is a Scratch 3.0 based coding platform which helps you to learn to code. Make interactive games and animations, program your robots and make them dance to your tune, and do tons of amazing stuff with fun!

STEMpedia: PlictoBox
STEMpedia: PictoBlox


A smartphone app that enables you to control your robots wirelessly and exploit the inbuilt sensors of your Smartphone like the accelerometer, mic, and camera to make your projects more versatile.

Free Learning Resources:

STEMpedia has endless easily understandable tutorials to learn all the basic facts of project-making. On top of these two, detailed Technical Documentation is available for over 35 features, which is updated every month.

So basically, STEMpedia is the most intelligently crafted mixture of technology and learning resources out there, which helps you to make hundreds of projects (electronic, robotic, Internet of things), interactive games, animations, decoratives, programs, and much more.