Saturday, June 3, 2023

Stemoscope: Listen to the hidden sounds of life

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We always see that only doctors use the stethoscope. They use it for listening to the sounds of the inner body of a patients for medical diagnosis. But such tools can experience us much more in our life.

Do you ever want to feel how your heart is beating in your chest? Have you ever experienced the wonder of hearing the heartbeats of an unborn child? What if you could hear the hidden sounds of life and feel the pulse of the earth?

Today, I bring a very smart stethoscope called Stemoscope. It lets you listen to everything circulating in your body. Also, it enables you to listen to the sound of nature, heartbeats of your pet and much more.

The team Shawyueh Lin designed and created the Stemoscope, an advanced wireless stethoscope that is small, compact, and affordable.

You can explore the surrounding sounds, save the beats and finally share it with your friends or loved ones anywhere in the world with this amazing product.

How does Stemoscope work?

Don’t worry about working! It is easy enough that anyone can use it.

Simply, install the Stemoscope App in your smartphone. The App is compatible with any iOS and Android phone. Then turn on the App and Stemoscope. Scan the QR code that displayed on mobile screen and register. With automatic Bluetooth connection, start listening.

The function of the indicator lights:

  • Pulsing Light- Waiting for Bluetooth connection
  • Blinking- Bluetooth connection is established but no sound sent
  • Consistently on- sending sounds to smartphone/ being charged
  • Consistently off- out of battery/ fully charged

Stemoscope detects the sound and sends the signals to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can hear and feel those sounds using your headsets or earphones, connected with your smartphone.

Stemoscope App
Stemoscope App

Additionally, you can connect your smartphone with the wireless headset so that you can experience the real wireless stethoscope.

With full-featured App, you can discover and record the incredible moments around you. Also, you can easily visualize, save and share the sounds.

The Stemoscope App will let you see what you hear. Audio will be visualized as a waveform in your phone. It will help you to learn and identify the characteristics of each sound you heard.

Stemoscope: Listen the hidden sounds of life
Stemoscope: Listen the hidden sounds of life

Stemoscope Specifications:

As you can see, the product is very small and compact. It is only 1.5″ in diameter and 0.4″ thick. Just a little bigger than a coin. It is highly portable, lightweight and wearable. Stemocope can easily go anywhere you go.

Stemoscope: Specifications
Stemoscope: Specifications

Moreover, it comes with a strap which allows you to fix it on any objects like pets or trees. This will enable you to hear the heartbeats of your pet and sounds of the stem of a tree that you planted in your home.

It is a tool that opens your door to science and nature in a new and exciting way. Everything in nature has a different frequency and a unique sound. It will help you to explore and experience those delightful sounds around you.

In addition, with Stemoscope, even children and youngsters can learn about the sounds of nature that are inspiring and entertaining.

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