When we thought of this topic it was simply a state of mind like you may have been thinking to be sad, happy, anxious like what are our moods. But when we got deep in, we found this topic very interesting though, but mind-boggling.

Yes, entire of the day we knowingly or unknowingly, in quite a scientific language consciously or subconsciously transit our state of mind. State of mind is simply our mood at the particular time or we usually say the mental state.

Logistics of different streams distinguished these states in different types. In general, we notice 6 types of states-

1. Rational

This is a normal stressed out state. Everything is in your control.

2. Anxious

We usually anxious about future. In this state, you think about future worries.

3. Depressed

It is your worries about past mistakes, decisions not taken right it may be related to career or relationships or anything where you mistaken in past.

4. Angry

Ohh, this is what we well experienced at. This is because of unfair happenings, revenge, happenings against your will, etc.

5. Fear

This is because of our mindset against any rumors or sometimes our own bad experiences or childhood incidences.

6. Rebellious

It is passive aggressiveness.

According to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutr there are 5 states of mind, which suggest, to live in our most desirable state of mind yoga practices which includes asana, pranayama, meditation and ethical conduct will help.

These 5 states are-

1. Ksipta

They considered it as the lowest state of mind. And in it person is highly agitated.

2. Mudha

We found ourselves dull and lost. In this, we ask for spectacles which already over the head. We even unable to think of the normal things.

3. Viksipta

We messed up with so many things at a time and start balderdash with our own selves.Get confused what should be done first?

4. Ekagra

In this state, the mind is relaxed and ready to concentrate on the things. One can get in this state by practicing meditation.

5. Nirodha

In this state, the mind is fully focused.

Whereas science discriminates states of mind as-

1. Beta (15 to 40Hz)

In which our mind operates in everyday life. It says, “higher cycles of this frequency usually equate to stress,  anxiety,  and over thinking as the conscious mind becomes misguided or reacts negatively to a given situation.” Therefore, people concerned about health do not want to go through this state.

2. Alpha (9 to 14Hz)

Lightly relaxed state. In this state, you may experience yourself lost in a reading book. Meditation is to achieve this state. Highly desirable for effective studies.

3. Theta (5 to 8Hz)

Very deep relaxation. Mostly, hypnotists try to get their clients in this state.

4. Delta (1 to 4Hz)

These are slow brainwaves in which person gets in extremely deep relaxation and his subconscious mind gets active.

5. Gamma (above 40Hz)

These were the classifications of states mind by some versatile personalities and about mindset we have already read in detail in our last article ‘Change your success story with the simple idea of mindset‘.

Now, there are numbers of examples in our daily life where both state of mind and mindset combinedly affects our lives.

One year before my friend’s sister-in-law was pregnant. At the time of her delivery me, my friend and sister-in-law went to the hospital. Hospital staff took her inside for tugging baby. I and my friend were waiting outside the room. He was deep in his thoughts. I asked him the reason and before he could answer nurse came out with a baby girl in her hand. The nurse asked my friend to take that child, he denied and left the hospital. I took that baby in my hand and she was really very adorable.

Later on, I asked him the reason and I was surprised knowing that, he wanted a baby boy and in the hospital, he had been praying for the same where I thought he was praying for mother and child’s health. And again the reasons behind were hilarious.

Yes, he is my friend and belongs to a very conservative family where girl child considered as an onus. He wanted baby boy to sprout his hereditary offspring. The girl will estrange his wealth, she would be the reason for his tight conditions, what if her in-laws ask for dowery. Before he could say anything more, I stopped him and asked what if his baby girl grown up successfully, heighten his pride, run his family, denied for a dowery, become the reason to change the destiny of his family, community, society? There was no answer from his end. Today, where we talk about women empowerment, our own people are so narrow-minded.

This was his mindset because of his family or can say thoughts or talks hitting his ear entire of his life set this image or weaved this mindset. And this mindset only responsible for his anxious, angry mood or state of mind at the time of his child’s birth.

After that, I tried my level best to change his mindset, to change his state of mind towards that adorable baby girl. Now, he is happy with his beautiful daughter and enjoying her company.

One’s approach or reaction towards any circumstance is the result of a combination of one’s mindset and state of mind.