Starship’s food delivery robots are now serving at Purdue’s campus

Starship’s autonomous delivery robots are boldly reaching everywhere. Now Purdue, which is (now) the largest campus in the world welcomed autonomous robot delivery.

Beginning Monday, Purdue students at the university’s West Lafayette campus, along with faculty and staff, will have the option of ordering robot-delivered food at the push of a button that should arrive in minutes.

The campus will have more than 30 new 2-feet tall delivery robots navigating their way around campus, as well as delivering their favorite menu items. Each robot can carry up to 20 pounds – the equivalent of about three shopping bags of goods.

The students will simply need to download the Starship Deliveries app (iOS and Android), place order, enter a delivery destination. Starship delivers anywhere on campus, within minutes, depending on the menu items ordered and the distance the robot must travel. They can also watch in real-time as the robot makes its journey to them, via an interactive map.

The service costs $1.99 per delivery and works in conjunction with student meal plans. By making food and drink more accessible, Starship saves time and reduces stress, which aims to make the busy life of the boilermaker community a little easier.

A tiny orange flag will be attached to a little six-wheeled robot that delivers food. And the autonomous cooler on wheels is expected to deliver hundreds of meals every day to students and employees.


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