STANLEY’s 3-in-1 solution to haul bulky objects in car

When you want to transport your bike or something bulky in your car several problems arrive. It may damage your car decor or create difficulties to hold that weight. But there they developed the solution.

“The new STANLEY® Suction Solution and its unique attachments (Roof Rack, Bike Rack, and Tie-down system) attach to the roof, side, window or back of your vehicle and secure loads of all shapes and sizes.”

You can place this under your car seat to make this available whenever you need. This gadget is devised of a patented suction cup(powerful vacuum mount) that attaches anywhere on your vehicle. This is an exceptionally strengthed fastening point for the tie-down straps to secure any load.

Also, snap on the bike rack to haul anything bulky such as a bicycle, wheelchair or stroller. As well the roof rack to transport more weighted cargo using this product. Moreover, for over-sized loads, you can strap on the soft roof pads to transport.

There are countless things you can carry in your car with STANLEY System. It is designed well with amazing flexibility. It fits under your car seat, there are endless configurations to carry any cargo, you can attach it to any vehicle, anywhere on the vehicle, it uses the strongest form of suction available, it leaves your car streamlined and free of clutter when not in use and holds up to 200 lbs of pressure each and won’t crack glass.

Simply, it enables you to attach in seconds and readily carry irregular loads even on tiny cars.

This 19-foot (6 m) long x 1-inch wide cam-buckle lashing straps with neoprene padding secure the load with up to 900 pounds (450 kg) of pull during acceleration and braking. 

Its flexible cam and strong metal buckles enable adjustments for every load size. STANLEY’s System is corrosion-resistant to protect from rust and oxidation. This kit includes a convenient carrying bag that can double to carry oversized cargo, and case. It attaches to any sleek, clean surface even metal, glass, wood and fiberglass.

Let’s see the four products of STANLEY

  1. STANLEY Tie-Down Kit

STANLEY Tie Down Kit
STANLEY Tie Down Kit

It is the foundational products which include the powerful suction mounts and safety strap. It is used to the tie-down clothesline, for roof tie down, and in many such instances where we need a good grip on smooth surfaces.

2. STANLEY Bike Rack



It can hold one bike, wheelchair, stroller and many more. It includes neoprene pads and straps to keep your car scratch-free. This kit enables to carry big bikes even on tiny cars. It is used to haul mountain bike, road bike, etc.

3. STANLEY Roof Rack


This product is utilized to transport long items such as skis, snowboards, lumber, fishing pole, ladder, building materials and much more. It includes rubber tie-down straps and can hold up to 150 pounds (75 kg). Besides, it is useful on boats, RVs, building and more.

4. STANLEY Soft Roof Pads

STANLEY Soft Roof Pads
STANLEY Soft Roof Pads

It designed particularly for large items such as kayaks, skis, surfboards, furniture, luggage and other items that are too large. It is lightweight though powerfully strong foam pads dampen vibration and can absorb shock. In addition to this, its weatherproof exterior enables you to transport through any weather condition. Carrying capacity is 110 pound per pad at 3.3 feet long.

It is recommended to first clear surfaces using Stanley Surface Cleaner to ensure best possible adhesion. It will enable to get the good grip while using vacuum mount. STANLEY system works on any vehicle, fits in all cars on the roof, side or back and its versatile attachments stand it out a perfect solution to haul items in a car.


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