Saturday, February 24, 2024

Stan: A self-driving outdoor valet parking robot

Airport parking can be an absolute nightmare, especially when you’re on a time crunch. The excessive fees airports extract from passengers; in fact, parking fees are a key source of revenue for many airports. Why does it have to be this way?

French technology developer Stanley Robotics created something really exciting that will make parking better and less stressful for everyone. ‘Stan’, the company’s new automated valet robot, is able to park passengers’ cars for them. It will definitely save their time for passport-related panic, boarding, checking luggage, etc.

It seems like an extraordinary idea! You can now save time, and money and avoid unnecessary stress, all while keeping your keys in your pocket!

Stan- The Robot
Stan- The Robot

The Stan Robot looks like a toaster with a large pickup tray that zips underneath the cars, grabs them by the tires, lifts them up, and moves them around.

Let’s see how the process will happen.

All you have to do is simply drop off your car in the spacious cabin at the entrance of the parking lot. Take out your bags with ease and keep your keys on you.

The terminals then allow you to verify the information about your flight and confirm the parking in just a few clicks. Once confirmed, the cabin secures your car while waiting for the robot to take over.

Verify the information of your flight and confirm the parking
Verify the information about your flight and confirm the parking

Later, the valet robot takes the charges. It zips underneath and, using its arms lifts the car by the tires to park it for you.

This is not done; the robot will be in your service when you return from the travel. The service is connected to your flight information, so when you return, your car will be waiting for you in a cabin, positioned and ready to take off.

You can trust Stan!

The robot takes care of your car and securely carries it to the free space. The parking lot is not open to the public – only robots can move around it.

Stan parks the car safely
Stan parks the car safely

In addition, the robot possesses several smart sensors combined with its AI algorithm, which ensures that it avoids collisions while parking. Also, the algorithm is able to park cars tightly to create new spaces.

Stan can control all types of cars at a maximum length of 6m and can easily handle a 3-ton load. The company also claims that these robots can work in outdoor as well as indoor parking lots.

Along with these amazing services it offers, it is resistant to temperature variations, as well as bad weather, and can operate at any time. As Stan is 100% electric, it will surely eliminate the polluting emissions in the parking lot and preserve the environment.

Using this kind of robot valet system can help optimize space and create around 50 percent more available parking by enabling vehicles to be packed in more systematically.

So now, forget those days and unnecessary stress when you need to spend a lot of money and book the parking slots 2-3 days before you travel.