Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Spanish Police are using drones to urge people to stay at home

Spanish police, which is in quarantine to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus – officially known as COVID-19 – are adopting the technology during this global pandemic. Since the Spanish government declared a state of emergency, they are using drones to tell people on the streets about the crisis and asking them to stay home.

The news was first reported by the BBC, which also included a video demonstrating the drones in action. These are special drones with loudspeakers used by the Spanish authorities to warn the public not to go on the streets unnecessarily and without surgical masks to protect them against coronavirus. The drone transmits messages to the passer-by, telling them to stay at home and avoid going out unless it is strictly necessary.

By keeping people inside, the spread of coronavirus can be slowed, ensuring that the capacity of hospitals isn’t exceeded. Despite government warnings and medical advice, some people are still venturing outside for non-emergencies and going about their normal lives as if thousands of people haven’t already died.

The drone was used in areas of the capital, such as the Segovia Bridge and the Puerta del Sol. Previously, China had used drones to watch people and have to stay home during the outbreak.

Instead of pushing your luck and waiting for Robo-chops to come to scold you, do the right thing, and stay inside.