Sounds U Like Baby Comfort Light

Sleep seems like a dream for the parents of a newborn baby. Your baby wakes up every few hours and starts crying during the night. You need to go to the child and send them back to sleep. There are many child lullaby machines available in the market that give some relief.

However, these machines play the same and boring songs, also do not play music automatically when the baby starts crying. Every baby is different, and everyone has their own favorite piece of music that will send them to sleep or comfort them if they wake up in the middle of the night.

Here I got an amazing product that could be the best answer to all these problems. It’s called “Sounds U Like Baby Comfort Light”.

A bunch of inventors and designers at Eggcellent lighting limited company have developed this elegant light which is more than a comfort light. It helps you get more sleep, as well as it gives you the freedom to select any music and any sounds, record your voice, tell a bedtime story.

Sounds U Like Baby Comfort Light
Sounds U Like Baby Comfort Light

The team has created this Baby comfort light with a specially designed algorithm that will activate when your baby wakes up and cries. The product will start playing the music or lullaby again to send them back to sleep. This will get you some precious extra minutes of sleep.

The built-in top quality speakers will play music up to 30 minutes with the highest quality sounds. Moreover, The team has used the best quality LEDs only to give full lighting spectrum.

Sounds U Like in a bedroom setting
Sounds U Like in a bedroom setting

Thinking about the language problem? Don’t worry! The best part is the device works in any language in all the countries.

Additionally, with Sound U like, you will be able to play that one special song which comforts your child. You can save any tune, any music or any sound you like to the SD card.

No need to panic, if your baby loves the only song that you sing. The built-in microphone empowers you to record a lullaby in your voice.

Moreover, if you have a mood to use it in a quiet setting, for that it comes with light only option also.

Use it to play music during outdoors with Bluetooth speaker
Use it to play music during outdoors with Bluetooth speaker

Along with all these exceptional features, it also doubles up as a high-quality Bluetooth speaker, when this is not being used as baby comfort light. It can be used at any indoor or outdoor trips. Sound U like comes with a rechargeable battery that gives up to 15 hours of continuous music.

Sounds U Like connected as a Bluetooth speaker
Sounds U Like connected as a Bluetooth speaker

Simply, connect it to the given magnetic micro USB cables to recharge it which makes the connection easy and protects the internal contacts.

Its elegant design suits all kind of home decors, whether it is traditional or classic. Comes with the multiple color options, The Sounds U Like gives your whole family the best night’s sleep possible.


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