Soundbrenner Core: The 4-in-1 smart music tool

A team destined to find the solution for the universal problems of musicians by developing the design, technology, and human ingenuity. They developed a music tool combining hardware and software called the Soundbrenner Core.

The Soundbrenner Core enables you to control all your tools from your wrist. All integrated features combine the accuracy of professional music tools and convenience. Whether you are at home, studio or performing on stage you have control of your four tools. Vibrating Metronome, Magnetic Twist Tuner, Decibel Meter, and Watch.

It utilizes state-of-the-art technology, smart designs and numerous feedbacks from professional musicians.

Soundbrenner Core Metronome
Soundbrenner Core Metronome

Firstly, the vibrating metronome provides five times multi-player metronome synchronization, 7G ERM Motor that generates seven times stronger vibrations than a smartwatch, and DAW integration. Also, you can tap in your own tempo, setlist management and storage, MIDI controller, backing track synchronization, and daily rhythm exercises.

“Through the capacitive touch sensor, you can just tap the beat and/or customize your BPM, time signatures, subdivisions and more.”

“Control the most versatile metronome from the convenience of your wrist. Tap your BPM, set subdivisions, accents, time signatures and more.”

It works with full customization via the app. Connect to the Metronome app and monitor the vibrational strength and lighting preference. Now feel the beat wearing it on your arm, leg, chest, shoulder, or anywhere it suits.

Soundbrenner Magnetic Twist Tuner
Soundbrenner Magnetic Twist Tuner

With Magnetic Twist Tuner enables you to get in tune, anytime and anywhere. This provides amazing access to your tools simply twist, attach and tune. Besides, all-environmental tuning and multi-instrument tuning. Additionally, it houses visual tuning guidance, additional tuner mount, 430-450Hz tuning pitch, and chromatic tuning.

Soundbrenner Decibel Meter
Soundbrenner Decibel Meter

Decibel Meter to know your sound levels and provide real-time decibel insight, noise alarm and enable active listening. In addition, pre-programmed dB thresholds and Soundbrenner earplugs. The key tool is a watch which astonishingly connects with your daily life.

Soundbrenner Core Watch
Soundbrenner Core Watch

It designed with a date and time display, sends push notifications and has stopwatch and timer. Also, they provided interchangeable watch straps and on-device controls.

You can connect your entire band through Multi-Sync feature. Connect up to five devices or ten through Ableton Link. Synchronize the Core with Pulse via the metronome app and let everybody play on the same tempo.

The Soundbrenner Core at a glance

Soundbrenner Core in short
Soundbrenner Core in short

The Soundbrenner is made for the modern musician. There are two models Soundbrenner Core Steel and Soundbrenner Core. Though they look different but have the same tools and features. However, the Core is made from high-quality polycarbonate and aluminum and the Core Steel is of Stainless Steel and Leather.

It is perfect for recording, editing, producing and live performance. The built-in MIDI lets you connect the Core directly to you. This device is strong and durable, battery last long for three days, IP66 splash proof and gives one year warranty.


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