Monday, June 17, 2024

Sony reveals DualSense wireless game controller for PlayStation 5

Sony plans to launch its latest game console, PlayStation 5 (PS5), in the 2020 holiday season. Previously, the Japanese company revealed the specifications, performance, and capabilities of this console in live streaming. Now, it has showcased the first look of the wireless controller called DualSense. Although it looks very similar to the design and functionality of the DualShock 4 on PlayStation 4, it brings great innovations, and new functions and has some differences.

One of them is that Sony has implemented a new button instead of the “Share” button on the left side next to the D-pad. It brings you a new “Create” button feature and is expected to allow you to share or save content.

Among the other aspects of the controller, the handles of the DualSense will notably have haptic sensations (a more advanced version of the traditional “vibrations”), which promise to influence the control’s tactical response. That is, actions within the game can be felt by the vibration of the joystick to deepen the immersion in the game.

We can notice a clearly visible USB-C port on the top of the device.
We can notice a clearly visible USB-C port on the top of the device.

Sony also reveals that the DualSense adds a built-in microphone array, enabling players to chat with friends without a headset easily. As for the controller battery, it remains internal and rechargeable. Although not mentioned in the blog post, in the images, we can notice a clearly visible USB-C port on the top of the device. Possibly, the novelty will charge the DualSense battery with more speed.

On the “aesthetic” side, the PlayStation controller traditionally wore only one color, but the new controller has two-toned design, in black and white, with blue light streaks behind the touchpad. The directional buttons and action buttons are now coated with transparent plastic. The touchpad has become slightly larger. Hence, it can be more precise and more useful. The LEDs were led sideways, while the lower part of the grips became rougher.

Sony hasn’t revealed how much this DualSense costs – if purchased separately, whether there are other color choices and the release date is also still a mystery. For reference, Sony sold DualShock 4 at $59.99 when the PS4 was first released.