Thursday, April 18, 2024

SONDORS Rockstar, a long-range, dual-suspension electric mountain bike

The American company SONDORS had already stood out in the price list – in the past – for some e-bikes at very competitive prices, but now we can say that it has really outdone itself. The company has opened pre-orders for its new SONDORS Rockstar in mountain bike form, which features powertrain characteristics that certainly attract attention.

The electric bike has a very modern design. Engineered from the ground up to rock the trail, SONDORS Rockstar is a top-class flow machine, perfect for charging that climb you used to hate and dialed-in for the descents you love.

It uses disc brakes at the front and rear and carries advanced dual-suspension systems. Like many e-bikes produced in America, Rockstar is based on the powerful Befang Ultra engine. The 750 Watt Mid-drive Motor makes up to 1152 Watts (peak) and 160 Nm of torque and allows the bicycle to reach the speed of 45 km/h (28+ mph). SONDORS Rockstar has a 48-volt, 21 Ah battery pack housed in the downtube, that offers a range of 64-96 km (40-60 miles) depending on usage.

SONDORS Rockstar Features
SONDORS Rockstar Features
Credits: SONDORS

The motor includes pedal assist sensors (PAS), allowing you to choose the power level of motor assistance that you would like while pedaling. At any time, you can use the throttle instead of engaging the motor.

Along with its large, thick tires, there are also 7-speed grip-shift gears, adjustable air fork, rebound-adjustable rear shock, Tektro hydraulics brakes, and optional integrated headlights and mini-mudguards.

For the moment, SONDORS has not revealed much on the components. But we already know that the price of this dual-suspension e-bike with huge batteries and powerful, high-quality motors will be $2,499, decidedly competitive for the promised powers. To date, reservations are only open overseas, with a deposit of $299 and delivery expected in October.