Monday, June 17, 2024

Somnium Space: Your final virtual reality destination

Secure your property inside a new virtual reality world which is open, social and persistent.

Sounds bizarre!

A VR world where you can book your property is plainly beyond imagination for many. But with technology evolution this becomes real. A team of enthusiasts to bring something exceptional into reality have created the ‘Somnium Space’. It is a world with its own regime, economy, and currency.

This is a VR world with its own Marketplace, Games, Social experiences and Virtual Land ownership. A VR world will be interconnected and seamless, they say. It is available on almost all major platforms such as Android App, Daydream, GearVR, Desktop VR(Vive+Oculus), PC client.

Let’s see how Somnium Space looks.

Waypoint - Beginning of Somnium Universe
Waypoint – Beginning of Somnium Universe

Since it is analogous to a world we reside in, Somnium Space has its own economy. Also, has many business opportunities inside. The upcoming in-game currency at this VR world is Somnium Cubes. It is a cryptocurrency designed to be safe, decentralized and interchangeable between VR worlds. The land sale is the key behind their economy.

Somnium Space is a member of the VRBA (Virtual Reality Blockchain Asociation).

Creators of this world say, “We believe in the idea of virtual land ownership where anything will be possible and imagination has no limits. Therefore we offer different types of land ownership.”

Following are the types of land ownership:

Three types of size and height can be purchased. As 200 square meters, 600 square meters and 1500 square meters. Heights are divided as-

Somnium Space Parcels
Somnium Space Parcels

Players can purchase additional height and depth meters and can combine parcels as per their requirement. Players can also create and adjust their own layout setup for fast in-game interaction.


The Builder is what empowers you to create your piece of imagination. It has the vast capabilities and specially designed UI. You can build from scratch or choose from 500+ exceptionally designed assets and sounds.

The player can take advantage of a fully programmatic VR advertisement plugin. Capture and analyze gaze tracking, engagement and conversion rates.

Additionally, you can also buy assets from Somnium Store and make your creation more appealing. The Builder devised with a popular 3D modeling software which can help you modify your model. You can buy and sell your models on the Somnium Store.

They explained, “Players will be able to import objects or complete scenes and use them inside Somnium via the SDK.”

It designed with optional personal recording mode of your actions on own property for future AI analysis to bring your avatar to life.

VR Mode
VR Mode

Virtual Reality mode lives inside Somnium World. You can see in the picture how will the player get to operate the virtual world.

The future of VR space is in connectivity with the open, social world. On the same terrain, incredibly designed Somnium Space has several in-game mechanics to get you engrossed in the game. For instance its customizable PC client, virtual land ownership, in-game asset store, scriptable world, and many more.