Somiflash is the world’s smartest 1TB flash drive

Somiflash is the world's smartest 1TB flash drive

Low storage, multiple sharing issues, and low data transfer speed are the most faced problems in our Smartphones, Tablet, and PCs. Though there is a provision to add extra storage to your devices still, it is difficult to find the right adapter.

After analyzing this problem in the long span of time, Somiflash team has created a device that has numerous 1TB storage capacity with a wireless feature. Which enable to stream data on multiple devices simultaneously. It is highly portable that you can carry it like a keychain.

The Somiflash has built-in 3.1 USB and a wireless interface that is capable to stream data continuously on 12 devices. It has 802.11ac wireless connectivity that to accomplish transfer speed up to 1300Mbps. It is compatible with almost all your devices and will be useful for various applications.

Somiflash Compatibility
Somiflash Compatibility

When they say it is accessible to 12 devices, then all connected devices can access different type of data stored in Somiflash. So, every connected user can enjoy their favorite entertainment at the same time. However, your data is completely safe with Somiflash.

Somiflash SD card port
Somiflash SD card port

Somiflash supports up to 256 GB SD card allowing you to transfer data from mobile to SD card and vice-versa. It uses its dedicated mobile application to transfer data in a single click. It is available in 256, 512, 1024 GB. You can choose according to your needs. Also, it enables you to take backup and restore all your data in a single click.

Besides, it will not let you down in terms of video quality. Since it gives high-quality 4K videos.

The Somiflash has 10 hours of battery life with continuous use in a single full charge within 1 hour. You can access all files on your mobile through their accessibility with Android and iOS application. Also, built-in data encryption methods that can secure your data with an encryption key.

According to a team, “It has zero heat production and at least 7 years of life. Even you can add a 256 GB memory card and transfer file from somiflash to SD memory card and memory card to somiflash internal storage. SO it can work as the card reader as well.”