Thursday, March 23, 2023

Solstice: A clock that turns passing hours into moving art

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Matt Gilbert from architecture and design background has crafted the kinetic clock that gradually changes shape throughout the day. He is CEO and founder of Animaro design named his project ‘Solstice’.

Solstice is the extremely stunning kinetic clock changes its shape entire day and looks like a flower. Moreover, its beautifully changing time into moving art is inspiring to a viewer. Where in this modern digital world, the watch may stress you due to its fast pacing time this watch inspires.

This is the new way to tell the time through shape and pattern. When your conventional watch hits 12 in the midday, Solstice the clock is at its largest. Whereas by 6 pm clock will be at its smallest.

Solstice is made from small pieces of wood connected with joints, yet, moves smoothly. It houses only hour hand which when pulls and pushes the wooden mechanism to enable the wooden frame to gradually open and close.

Solstice kinetic watch shows time
Solstice kinetic watch shows time

This watch does not show minutes or seconds but shows time of the day with an hour hand. It would be the most relaxed and meditative way of viewing time ever. Two dots on the revolving frame shows an hour marker and a single dot shows half hour marker.

Solstice clock working
Solstice clock working

It is amazingly designed with two demo and clock modes. It would be entertaining if you set it to demo mode since it completes one rotation in just 60 seconds. You can switch between the demo mode and a clock mode. Eventually, it will return to the correct time. For switching simply tap the lower metal bar which is devised with a touch sensor.

You can set the time readily, just tap twice to set the current time and the clock will into clock mode. Over the time when you view time throughout the day, its amazingly engineered design gives silent and meditative effect. The entire clock is made from high-quality materials designed to run smoothly and to last.

Solstice accessories
Solstice accessories

The metal frame of the clock is machined from a single piece of aluminum, which make it durable and attractive.

“The mechanism is machined from engineered walnut, and hand oiled to seal it and bring out the color. The rails are stainless steel for strength and each and every clock is hand assembled to ensure the highest quality.”

Its width is 660mm, length is 660mm and depth from the wall is 90mm. The kinetic clock is powered with AC power adapter which provides 12V and 1.5A.

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