Wednesday, May 22, 2024

SolarCru: pocket-sized fold-able solar panel charger

When we think about solar panels, it always comes into our minds that they are expensive, bulky, not portable and weak.

A new revolutionary, fully foldable solar panel charger is about to strike in the market that will make you rethink everything you know about the solar panels.

The inventors set out to create a product that people can use in their daily life, using the best solar tech. With this mission, they designed and brought SolarCru – a smallest and lightest foldable solar panel charger.

A pocket-sized SolarCru is a 6W foldable solar charger. It is equipped with a 2000mAh battery. It comes with a USB port to connect your phone or any USB devices.

You can actually connect multiple SolarCru for an even faster charge. You can chain three units of this ultra-slim solar charger together to get a total output of 15W. After use, you can fold down each model to a very small unit which makes it easy to carry anywhere.

Its highly compact and rugged design makes it best solar charger for campers, hikers or anyone else who loves the outdoors. The highly sensitive panels can charge even in the shades and offers hours of steady energy to power any device.

SolarCru: fold-able solar charger
SolarCru: fold-able solar charger

SolarCru performs sufficiently when you charge the small wattage devices like cell phone, flashlight, GPS unit and speaker and tablets with its external battery. The external battery is a must in the SolarCru. It allows the panel to charge the battery during the day while you are using your gadgets and allows you to charge your gadgets at night via the external battery.

The weight of SolarCru is about 0.52lbs without battery and 0.7lbs with battery. It measures merely 2.9 x 9.6 x1.2 inches when unfolded. You can easily carry it in your pockets, bags when folded.

SolarCru: fold-able solar charger
SolarCru: fold-able solar charger

On the side of the last solar panel, USB and other important components are mounted. A magnetic clasp is provided to bind the rolled-up panels together in order to avoid wear and tear.

SolarCru: fold-able solar charger features
SolarCru: fold-able solar charger features

A built-in intelligent chip identifies each device plugged in and allows multiple protection against overcharge, over-current, and overload.

Corner grommets are given to each SolarCru using which it can be strapped down your backpack or hung up on a tent for charging via sunlight.

SolarCru is made with the coating that it can resist heat, water, and scratch which makes it tremendously durable, which makes this the perfect addition to your camping or outdoor accessories.

An LED indicator is provided which helps you to determine and modify the solar panel to the sufficient charging position.

You can charge SolarCru either by letting it absorb light energy from the sun or by connecting it directly to a wall or USB Charging outlet. The Upgraded SolarCru can be a 2000mAh power bank when there is no solar power.