Snowfeet: The shortest skis in the world

Human using snowfeet

The first gadget of ‘Snowfeet’ kind was skis invented thousand years ago and 50 years ago snowboard was invented. Now, the developed skis about to hit the market called Snowfeet.

Snowfeet is similar to skates for snow. They are a combination of both skiing and skating. So they eventually can be called ‘snowskates‘¬†or ‘ski skates’. Also, because it is something between skis and inline skates, it is actually the shortest mini skis available yet.

It can be attached right to your shoes and fasten like Snowboard binding. There is no need for additional skis boots or other clunky equipment. Since they are very small and light so it is easy to carry around in any small bag. The size is universal.

Snowfeet is used for downhill skiing on and off the slopes, in snow parks, forest trails and for cross-country skiing. Moreover, Snowfeet allows you to go to places, where it is difficult to get with skis or snowboard.

Its snowfeet with its working features.

You can climb the mountain only with a pair of Snowfeet in your hands and then go down the hill through the forests and be the part of a winter nature. Places like small forest paths, where everything is covered by snow, will make you feel the real beauty of nature.

It can be used on and off the slopes.

Snowfeet is crafted of a highly durable plastic material with straps and buckles. As compared to skis, Snowfeet is so inexpensive. It is actually designed for a better ride with metal ski edges for easy stopping.

Its most unique feature, it can be used with any winter shoes or snowboard boots. However, one size fits all. The recommended shoe size is between US 7 – 12. Snowfeet is made of highly durable and lightweight fiberglass reinforced material.

The Snowfeet are comfortable for users of all experience levels. Its easily accessible functions and still affordability sets it apart. It is the best accessory for avid skiers and first-timers.