SnifferGPS: Track your dog anywhere with GPS

SnifferGPS brighten up in the night

A dog is more than a friend for many and so the fear of losing could be engraved in their mind. Throw this fear out and forget about those dog-lost posters because new SnifferGPS can track your pup anytime and anywhere.

This GPS collar can track the dog’s location through app, texts or email. It works with GPS and cellular network for both iPhone and Android devices. It is outfitted with an integrated light for clear visibility at all times, day or night.

You can add safe zones as per your comfort and as many you want to ensure your dog is protected wherever you may go. You will get a text, email, or in-app notifications when your dog leaves or enters a safe zone.

No need to stray your pup even for a time its collar get charge. The charger easily snaps onto your dog’s collar for on the go charging, never leaving your dog unprotected. It has 30 Day battery life and integrated solar cells for hassle-free charging.

Dog wearing GPS collar

In the woods, in the water, or in the mud Sniffer GPS can withstand it all wherever your dog may wander. Its built-in light offers superior nighttime visibility, with over 32,000 custom colors. With Sniffer you can ensure that your dog will be safe any time day or night.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable and Water Resistant
  • Integrated light
  • Solar charging last long for 30 days
  • Cross-Platform
  • Track your dog no matter where they wander
  • Get notification
  • Easy Charging
  • Advanced Tracking

Between flexible solar panels and high-frequency updates, Sniffer is a self-charging, dog-finding, state-of-the-art machine. Even if the battery dies along the way, it’ll recharge on the go. No need to worry, leave your dog to wander anywhere, anytime.