The Snakebot: Snake like robot now can come to your rescue

Robt looks like a snake climbing the ladder

Horrifying serpent/snake has become the contrivance to design a robot that would save many lives during the disaster. Researchers from Kyoto University and the University of Electro-Communications unveiled a snake-like robot that can climb up a ladder in a terrifying version of the children’s board game.

They named this project The Snakebot.

Earlier Snakebots were to slither and dig underneath the soil for geological surveying or coil up to carry tools for construction in space. Snake robots come in many shapes and sizes, such as earthquake Snakebot, medical Snakebot that is thin enough to maneuver around organs inside a human chest cavity. But this next level Snakebot has an exceptional feature of climbing the ladder.

This is the most agile design robots have developed yet. The Snakebot has the ability to climb both inclined and vertical ladders. It could access disaster areas where rescuers can’t go to look for survivors or enter into a mine after a collapse.

It works as…

A team of researchers has designed a novel gait for the snake using a gait design method that configures the target form of the snake robot by connecting simple shapes.

The climbing motion is executed via shift control and the corresponding motion required to catch the next step on the ladder. In addition, they developed a snake robot that has a smooth exterior body surface through the construction of pectinate-shaped parts of the links.

The idea behind this robot is that can reach out to those places where human or more specifically rescuers cannot extend at the time of any unwilling disaster such as broken down buildings.