Smartest people are heaviest drinkers, study

Drinking alcohol is evolutionarily novel, so the Hypothesis would predict that more intelligent people drink more alcohol than less intelligent people. A new study conducted by the London School of Economics suggests that heaviest drinkers are actually smarter.

There’s actually a science to back up such a claim. Scientists have investigated the correlation between alcohol consumption and education. They found that women with degrees are almost twice as likely to drink daily as their counterparts who opted against the university.

Women with educational qualifications were 71% more likely to drink most days. There were similar results for men too, being 49% more likely.

Scientists gathered the data from the British Cohort Study, a longitudinal study of one week’s birth in Britain in 1970. They analyzed data collected at age 34 (in 2004) and complement it with information gathered at previous sweeps.

They found that higher educational attainment is associated with increased odds of daily alcohol consumption and problem drinking.

The results also suggest that educational qualifications and academic performance are associated with the probability of belonging to different typologies of alcohol consumers among women while this association is not present in the case of educational qualifications and is very weak in the case of academic performance among males.

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