SmartBrush: Make your regular Toothbrush Smart

Smartbrush. Improve Your Family's Health.
Smartbrush. Improve Your Family's Health.

“Yay! Time to brush teeth!” nobody says ever. Undoubtedly, some people find this hygiene routine kinda boring. The average person doesn’t clean their teeth the proper way. Poor habits equate to increased dental visits and long-term health problems.

Here I got a new innovative product which will add the spark of motivation to keep those pearly white teeth, white and bright.

The SmartBrush Tech company has designed and created a SmartBrush, an IOT design toothbrush.

What is SmartBrush?

It is a development of bringing proper oral care and present-day technology together. It turns any toothbrush into an interactive smart brush. Real-time data is capture to improve the poor brushing habit.

It is very easy to use. All you have to do is place your regular toothbrush into the SmartBrush device and easily connect it with the App via Bluetooth. SmartBrush captures the real-time data which shows your brushing habit and pattern. It captures the detailed information like duration frequency and pressure which you can see live on your App.

It provides all the powerful information about your teeth habit using sensor technology. Then this information is transferred in the real-time to the products App.

SmartBrush App:

Usable on mobile devices or laptops, SmartBrush generates up-to-date data with cutting-edge software. The app is designed to evaluate brushing habit information and develop focused hygiene practices for each individual.

SmartBrush App
SmartBrush App

The App delivers immediate patterns of bad habits to establish better brushing directions. It provides ground-breaking coaching guidance to encourage disciplined patterns. Takes the gathered data and compiles a unique education platform for proper oral hygiene. Establish wellness.

Additionally, SmartBrush is ergonomically easy to handle, includes a sleek design and functionally practical. By adopting modern wireless Bluetooth connectivity, brushing habits are inputted, detailed and results compiled.

Key features:

• Wireless Blue-tooth connectivity
• 3 Axis gyro sensors, 3 axis accelerometer module and FSR (Force sensing resistor)
• Product app: incorporates educational information on proper brushing/notifications
• Real-time data: brushing habits recorded
• Ease of installation: toothbrush connects right into Smart brush
• A brushing pattern developed: the pressure of brushing and frequency are tracked

Moreover, SmartBrush is a benefit to community groups and schools. Educators and facilitators understand the consequences of poor personal hygiene…especially oral. When scanning the app data, children are advised to sound techniques and brushing practices.