Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Smaco S700MAX, backpack-style BCD scuba tank for underwater exploration

France-based mini scuba tank manufacturing company, Smaco has designed the S700MAX. It is a lightweight, backpack-style buoyancy control device (BCD) scuba tank that revolutionizes underwater exploration, enabling diving enthusiasts to carry their passion on their backs.

The Smaco S700MAX features a unique dual tank with a regulator for extended underwater exploration. Its separate BCD backpack ensures precise and easy control during diving. It is designed for convenience, offers ample storage capacity for travel essentials, and quickly converts to professional diving gear.

You can easily store diving gloves, diving goggles, or other small accessories in the backpack, including storage for small accessories.

It has been designed with BCD compatibility in mind, ensuring it can work with most BCD equipment on the market. This BCD compatibility allows you to mix and match your diving equipment as you see fit.

The S700MAX has a simple, lightweight, and functional modular design, and each component is designed to be easily dismantled and time-saving.

The scuba tank is equipped with safety as a core principle; they have undergone rigorous safety testing to ensure product quality and performance.

The high-pressure cylinders have a diameter of 111mm, 360mm high, and weigh 2.87kg each. Each cylinder of two has a 1.9L capacity. It is made from aluminum alloy and has a handle maximum pressure of up to 3000PSI (20MPA).

The primary regulator is an 8mm inflation plug made from stainless steel. It has two filters to filter the gas from the cylinders and three low-pressure outlets. This regulator weighs 1.37 kg and can handle more than or equal to 5000 PSI of pressure. It has an explosion-proof valve that provides overpressure protection.

The secondary regulator is an airflow diversion switch that can adjust the airflow direction and the breathing resistance size. This regulator weighs just 360 grams.

In addition, the Smaco is reusable and made from corrosion resistance, allowed on planes. With this scuba diving kit, you can dive up to 33ft deep, providing constant pressure with its three selectable inflatable modes. This multiple inflation offers a perfect and convenient diving experience.

With the help of an 8mm refill adapter, you can connect it to a standard scuba tank to refill in 32 seconds. Also, using a scuba compressor, you can fill S700MAX in about 90 minutes. The Scuba tank can last up to an average of 30 to 45 minutes.

Smaco S700MAX is designed to be a versatile and essential companion for underwater activities. The mini scuba tanks can help divers in many ways, such as recreational diving, boat inspection, and cleaning, emergency rescue operations, underwater photography, underwater maintenance and construction, underwater fishing, diving, or simply enjoying pool fun.

The Smaco S700MAX scuba tank includes two high-pressure cylinders, a primary and secondary regulator, a BCD backpack, and a backpack storage backpack. The planned retail price for that package is $1,299, while it is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, where it takes $949 for the same.