Wednesday, April 10, 2024

SliceCharge Pro: wireless charging mat

If you got your new iPhone, Apple Watch and wireless charger, you find that charging your iPhone with the wireless charger is not easy. If your device not just placed right, it won’t be charged. When you charge your Apple watch with the wireless charger, the charging process is often irregular.

Hard Cider Labs designed and created a new SliceCharge Pro- World’s first 6-coils design wireless charger with MFi-certified Apple watch charger by OPSO.

SliceCharge Pro has six coils – one in the Apple Watch charging puck, and five overlapping ones in the main section of the mat.

SliceCharge Pro: wireless charging mat
SliceCharge Pro: wireless charging mat

This arrangement of coils allows you to place your device anywhere on the mat to charge them successfully.

SliceCharge Pro provides up to 30W full charging power for the 3 devices, which means your charging speed will be 30% faster than other wireless chargers.

Additionally, this charger comprises of MFi-Certified Apple Watch charger by OPSO which fully support all the Apple Watch series.

It is a flat, fabric-covered oval shape with more flattened ends. The high-class fabric and non-slip plastic bottom hide an aluminum chassis. It measures a little over 9 inches by 3 inches by half an inch thick. Its weight is just 200-grams.

Most of the time it becomes impossible to get freedom of charge just because of the short charging cable. The company has given the 50% longer cable than the existing chargers with a separate USB-C charging cable, which gives total freedom to your SliceCharge placement.

You can charge your iPhone successfully at different locations on the pad. All new Apple watch stand function is added into it, which allows you to charge your apple watch series 1/2/3/4.

The charger is compatible with all the iPhones and smartphones available, apple watch series, and other devices with Qi standard.

SliceCharge Pro: wireless charging mat
SliceCharge Pro: wireless charging mat

It is available in three amazing colors Frosted White, Anthracite Grey, Mountain Blue.