Saturday, June 3, 2023

SkyValet: An innovative smart luggage

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We always have many problems with our travel bags. We need to carry our separate chargers for charging the electronic gadgets that we carry during traveling. Also, compactly sized suitcases don’t allow us to carry more necessary stuff.

The inventors have created an all in one innovation product for everyone called SkyValet luggage, which is loaded with many mesmerizing features that you would like to know…

A zipper-less, one-touch opening magnetic front pocket for your essentials and a convenient split packing design for your clothes. Wireless Charging, dual USB ports, Shark Wheels and more, make this a great carry-on. This will be your new favorite travel bag.

It is available in four different size models according to your convenience: business case, 22” carry-on case, 25” medium luggage, and 29” large luggage.

Don’t worry about running out charging of your phone while traveling. SkyValet is the first luggage collection that comes with a patent-pending wireless phone charging dock which is compatible with iPhone, Samsung and other available brands in the market. It helps to keeps your phone safe while you’re rolling through the airport.

SkyValet- wireless charging
SkyValet- wireless charging

It is packed with the latest Qi technology and delivers up to 7.5W fast-charging speed to phones.

Skyvalet comes with Shark Tank funded sine-wave shaped wheels making it easier to roll on any surface. It uses a double spinner for either horizontal wheeling or pulling for the smoothest wheeling.

SkyValet- Shark Wheels
SkyValet- Shark Wheels

Skyvalet is loaded with Dual USB Ports for charging the multiple devices on the go. Also, it has a removable 10,000 mAh power bank which fits for both the SkyValet business case and Carry-on case.

SkyValet- USB port
SkyValet- USB port

This power bank is sleek, lightweight and removable which allows you to use it anytime, anywhere, doesn’t matter whether you are traveling or not. No screws and hammers required to remove and fix it.

Moreover, it has a magnetic front packet. Instead of struggling to get your electronics or papers out of the Carry-On or Overnight Case, especially while passing through security, put them in the magnetic pocket. Simply use SkyValet’s one-touch button to open the front pocket.

SkyValet- Magnetic Front Pocket
SkyValet- Magnetic Front Pocket

You can feel safe with your important documents as you can easily lock and unlock your SkyValet luggage using the free SkyValet app by Bluetooth.

The lock is easy-to-use and secure with interlocking zippers that can only be unlocked by you with the SkyValet App. In case, if the connectivity through your phone is not available, a key is also provided as a backup to unlock the case.

The medium and large check-in luggage features a built-in weight scale that displays the weight of the suitcase in pounds or kilos so that you can know your weight in advance to avoid any excess weight fees.

In addition to all these amazing features, it has a GPS tracker, which allows you to find your luggage anywhere between 15feet to 50feet easily in case you lose it accidentally. When your bag is out of that selected range, you will be notified via the SkyValet App.

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