Saturday, April 13, 2024

Skyfly’s Axe eVTOL to feature at the Farnborough International

The 2023 Farnborough International Sustainable Skies World Summit (to be held on 17th and 18th April) – which focuses on innovative technology that supports green aviation – is gearing up to be a memorable one.

Skyfly’s Axe eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) will be one of the most exciting features of the Summit. During the Summit, the eVTOL aircraft will be revealed to the public for the first time, even though it’s already been available for pre-order since last summer.

The Axe eVTOL offers an emissions-free alternative to cars, helicopters, and light aircraft, while also offering dramatically shorter journey times in greater comfort and safety than existing travel options. Fitted with four rotors and 70 kW motors, The eVTOL can fly two people for up to 200 miles (321 km) at 100 mph (160 km/h).

The Axe is designed with efficiency at its core, with the four wings giving it the highest energy efficiency in comparison to other two-seat eVTOL aircraft. Compared to many other eVTOL designs with wings, the Axe’s wings also generate useful lift, improving efficiency, range, and safety while also giving it the ability to fly, land, and takeoff like a conventional fixed-wing airplane if required or desired for training or saving of energy.

The Axe also offers better safety than a helicopter, thanks to its eight-motor distributed propulsion and its glide ability, which is comparable to that of a Cessna. Additionally, the Axe is fitted with a ballistic parachute – which a helicopter can never have due to the positioning of its rotors.

The upcoming Summit will be a great way to take a closer look at this revolutionary two-seat eVTOL aircraft available for US$180,000.

Skyfly sees the Axe as a direct competitor to many currently-available two-seat airplanes or helicopters. Currently, Skyfly is building its first series production aircraft, with test flights due to begin in mid-2023. Customer deliveries will follow at the end of 2024.