Wednesday, April 17, 2024

ŠKODA KLEMENT: An innovative and modern EV

While there are a number of e-bikes coming in the market and impressing people with there astonishing features, ŠKODA Auto has unveiled their new electric bicycle that will stun you with its features. The company has created this E-bicycle targeting a young group with a heightened sense of environmental awareness.

Introducing “ŠKODA KLEMENT”, a state-of-the-art, dynamic and easy-to-use vehicle. It is not just a new two-wheeler electric bicycle. The ŠKODA KLEMENT is a part electric car, part e-bike, and part electric scooter/motorcycle all in one!

In short, ŠKODA KLEMENT is a merger of the features of a bicycle, car and a motorcycle or a scooter. However, there is more than one way in which it differs from conventional e-bikes.

Let’s have a look at its amazing construction and features!

Designed with a futuristic aluminum frame, the KLEMENT has the wheel suspensions that make use of single-sided swing arms. As we all know, the mobility concept has no visible levers or cables. Whereas the rider’s feet rest on the fixed pedals located where e-bikes ordinarily have a bottom bracket.

It comes with the bicycle-like wheels but has a car like an accelerator and brake pedals. The strange part is that both the components are not found on the handlebar. Instead, both acceleration and braking are handled by simply tilting the foot pedals.

The paired pedals on the ŠKODA KLEMENT
The paired pedals on the ŠKODA KLEMENT

And the most interesting thing is the pedals do not work in a conventional way either. If the users shift their weight forwards on the pedal, the KLEMENT’s hub motor accelerates. If the pedals pivot backward, a hydraulic disc brake at the front equipped with ABS is activated, as is regenerative braking at the rear wheel.

In other words, you simply have to tilt the foot pedals forward to accelerate and backward for braking.

A 4 kW hub motor is mounted on the rear wheel, which accelerates the bike up to a maximum speed of 45 km/h. The two lithium-ion batteries, each featuring 52 cells, have a total capacity of 1.25 kWh – providing a range of up to 62 km.

These batteries can be easily removed and charged using a household plug socket. They can also be recharged whilst riding thanks to brake energy recovery. With a target weight of approx. 25 kg, the KLEMENT is easy to drive at all times.

ŠKODA KLEMENT: Handlebar with LED
ŠKODA KLEMENT: Handlebar with LED

Now, no more worry to drive in dark! Furnished with the integrated light system directly into the frame, it ensures safety while riding in the dark. The KLEMENT has LED headlight and brake light, also LED indicators integrated into the pedals as well as a daytime running light.

Moreover, a smartphone holder with inductive charging is located on the cross-board, just behind the handlebar. Keep your smartphones powered on-the-go!

Smartphones are the key to unlocking the e-bike’s full connectivity potential. They can be used to link the KLEMENT to all of the innovative connectivity solutions offered by ŠKODA, such as the Coming Home function, the automatically triggered Emergency Call as well as remote diagnostics and maintenance. Owners can also programme a restricted area of use via Geofencing.

This two-wheel concept was designed to cater for young people who are looking for a sustainable alternative to a car and who expect it to be easy to use, fun, as well as faster and more convenient than a conventional bicycle.