Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Serve: New autonomous delivery robot

When the robot has become our everyday companion in every work then let’s take your delivery through this cute robot. Few countries banned delivery robots since they obstruct the pedestrians. This robot has eyes and other essential features to move through the sidewalks. Also, it won’t obstruct any task and trouble anything come in its way.

Postmates said, “After combing through millions of deliveries, researching customer interactions, and testing multiple autonomous delivery modes, we are proud to unveil the first robotic delivery device created from the ground up by an on-demand delivery company.

Serve is designed to work nigh the existing Postmates fleet to deliver small objects over short distances. This robot can carry up to 50 lbs, traveling 25 miles on a single charge. It actually blends the design and technology together to change the way for sidewalk rover.

It houses an advanced set of sensors including Velodyne Lidar uses an NVIDIA XAVIER processor. You can communicate with this adorable robot using an equipped touchscreen and cameras.

Serve has dynamic lighting in the eyes and a light ring on top to signal movement like a change in direction. The company informed that Serve will initially work with local governments to ensure its efficient and effective working in terms of obstruction it could create in the public.

Bastian Lehmann, Postmates Co-founder & CEO, said in a statement, “We took a design-first approach with Serve that walks alongside people and fits into our communities.”

It works alongside humans, not instead of!

Serve could help to reduce congestion and emissions created by the company’s fleet of vehicles with 350,000 Postmates on the road. Eventually, it will speed up the deliveries and help to decrease the pollution.

Whether you planned to grab Burrito late-night or in the morning, Serve will get your deliveries in your neighborhood. It will bring a change in our life.