A self-solving Rubik’s Cube that floats in the air while solving itself

After wowing us with his self-solving Rubik’s Cube, the creator Human Controller now takes things to another level by making his miniature puzzle machine magnetically levitate in the air while completely solving itself.

Last year, the YouTuber Human Controller mesmerized us when is posted a video of a Rubik’s Cube solving itself. The cube was invisibly upgraded with servos, electronics, wiring, and even batteries that allow it to spin any of its multi-colored sides without any human intervention.

Now, its upgraded version has a very similar design, but it includes magnets that enable it to levitate.

The actual trick is there are magnets embedded in the cube, with a magnetic base to repel it into space. And what about self-solving? It is quite simple; it requires a human to manually rotate the cube out of position. The electronics inside could just record every twist and turn, and they recreate them in reverse to create a color-solved cube, within a minute.

It might not be super fast like other robotic solution we’ve seen, but it floats while being solved makes it even more impressive! You can also check out the Japanese creator’s blog post where he has included some photos and videos of ‘making of,’ giving us some hint as to what’s inside!


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