Thursday, May 30, 2024

SEAT officially presents its first 100% electric e-Scooter concept

SEAT has opted strongly for urban mobility, and this was demonstrated this Tuesday, at the IX edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress, held in Barcelona, with several new features. The Spanish automaker has presented its first e-scooter concept and also its new e-Kickscooter concept, which it launches in collaboration with the Barcelona-based scooter maker Silence and the American Segway, respectively.

SEAT e-Scooter concept:

SEAT’s first 100% electric motorcycle will be released in 2020, and it will be available to both private users and shared services fleets. SEAT is responsible for the design of the e-Scooter, and Spanish Silence is the manufacturer.

SEAT's 100% electric e-Scooter concept
SEAT’s 100% electric e-Scooter concept

The SEAT eScooter has a 7 kW motor with a peak rate of 11 kW (14.8 hp) and has performed in line with the 125 cc scooters, which delivers instant engine torque of 240 Nm. The scooter reaches a top speed of 100 km/h (62 mph) and can accelerate from 0 to 50 km/h (31 mph) in 3.8 seconds, according to information from the Spanish company.

The autonomy is up to 115 km (71 miles) with a charge of the battery, which is placed between the footboard and the rear wheel and is removable and transportable like a trolley. So you can easily remove and charge it at the office or home or in public chargers.

The e-Scooter weighs 105 kg without batteries, has a disc brake on both wheels, and contains two helmets in the under-saddle compartment; it can connect to a smartphone app so as to inform the owner about the remaining autonomy and remind him where it is parked.

The scooter reaches a top speed 100 km/h

Its appearance is modern and refined. There are no indications regarding the price of the SEAT e-Scooter yet.

SEAT e-Kickscooter concept:

This is the new generation of e-Kickscooter, a new version that offers a range of up to 65 km (40 miles), two independent brake systems, and a battery with a much higher capacity that reaches up to 551 Wh. It can climb slopes with up to 20% inclination.

DGT 3.0 pilot project:

During the Smart City Expo World Congress, SEAT also presented its DGT 3.0 project, in which it collaborates with the Spanish Traffic Authority. This pilot project enables cars to communicate with traffic lights and road information panels in real-time in order to improve traffic and road safety.