Sunday, June 4, 2023

SCOUT: World’s Most Versatile Charger

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All-in-one charger launched in the market. Designers of this smart charger assert, Scout, the zero-compromise all-in-one charger. It houses an intelligent charging technology with a built-in wall charger, built-in cables, quick-charging USB Port. It simply compatible with any device.

Scout empowers you to wander anywhere without carrying messy cables or chargers. It can charge your Phone, Air-Pods, Tablet, Headphones, Action Camera as well as the Drone. Built-In Power Bank, Charge With Built-In Cables or 2.1 Amp USB Port

It devised a built-in AC Adapter, Power Bank, three Built-in charging cables, and a USB A port which enables this charger to connect with all current charging cables.

Scout Charging Cables
Scout Charging Cables

It equipped with a built-in Lighting, USB-C (for new Android devices), and Micro-USB cables. Its one more amazing feature is if you are not using, you can simply tuck it away and charge multiple devices. Scout actually has everything you may need to charge your device from iPad to Android phone.

It is ultra-slim with just under 3 ounces weight. Its intelligent charging technology detects new connections and adjusts current with respect to the device need. Everything is done automatically.

Scout Max Specifications
Scout Max Specifications

It offers two alternatives according to your need. First is the Scout Wireless for wireless charging and second is the Scout Max for battery capacity. Compatibility is the same for both.

You can charge your Scout simply by plugging it directly into a wall or connect to any power source via the Micro-USB input.

Do not worry if you sometimes forget your power bank or phone on charge because its internal circuitry protects from over-charging and short circuits. Similarly, Scout supports pass-through charging. It can charge any device from any outlet.

Scout Solar Panel
Scout Solar Panel

They have an additional feature, “Chose the Scout + Solar Perk and as long as there’s sunlight, our Scout 10W Solar Panel can keep you charged. Designed around the concepts of redundancy and simplicity, the ultra-lightweight and durable solar panel keeps you charged without weighing you down.”

Use it to replace your standard wall charger. Scout is the ultra-slim, lightweight, portable charger that has all the features you may need anywhere you go. This new generation intelligent charger keep your iPhone, iPad, or Android fully charged.

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