Monday, May 20, 2024

SAVA E-Flash, the lightest carbon fiber E-Gravel bike for all-terrain riding

E-bikes have become an efficient and earth-friendly way to commute and get around on a daily basis. But until now, their rudimentary design, heavyweight, and short range have made them less than ideal for more adventurous riding.

Now, a Hong-Kong based company SAVA has announced the launch of its latest SAVA E-Flash, the Lightest Carbon Fiber E-Gravel Bike for all-terrain riding, daily commuting, and outdoor adventures. Highly responsive and lightweight, SAVA E-Flash is designed for comfort, stability, and efficiency.

E-Flash is designed to be rigid and stable and effectively absorbs vibration for an ultra-smooth ride. Its carbon fiber construction offers extreme lightweight performance at only 11kg total weight. The E-Flash E-Gravel bike comes equipped with an AKM 350W rear motor and 252Wh hidden battery. Riders can easily switch between five-assist modes and reach 40 km/h (25 mph) maximum speed and range up to 80 km (50 miles). An efficient, built-in torque sensor controls the power for super smooth riding.

It also features a Shimano 105 2 x 11 drivetrain, Kootu rims with WTB Byway tubeless 700 x 40c gravel tires to handle any terrain, plus high-quality Hydraulic Disc Brakes. To keep things under control, E-Flash has an intuitive 4-in-1 smart controller that lets riders easily manage lighting, GPS navigation, and USB charging on the go.

According to the developers, with E-Flash, users can go virtually anywhere with ease and enjoy a high-performance E-Bike to carry them safely through all their outdoor adventures. SAVA E-Flash’s price – assuming it reaches production, a pledge of $1,799 at Kickstarter will get you one is certainly nice.