Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Sasquatch XTX, an xtreme terrain amphibious vehicle from ARGO

A Canadian manufacturer, ARGO, has revealed its all-terrain vehicle, Sasquatch XTX, with a pick-up style FlexBox. It is an amphibious xtreme-terrain vehicle that can run on land as well as water. It is also paired with large wheels that make this vehicle capable of going off-road and on any terrain.

The Sasquatch XTX is a large vehicle at 157 inches (3,988 mm) long, 101 inches (2,570 mm) wide, 113 inches (2,997 mm) high, and 26 inches (660 mm) ground clearance for off-roading.

This all-terrain vehicle is equipped with all-new ARGO XT328 71 by 23 -25 inches large tires. These patent-pending tires have been put through numerous extreme terrain tests to swim, climb and perform like no other amphibious off-road vehicle tire. With a unique cupped-to-flat tread pattern, ARGO XT328 tires provide excellent water propulsion, excellent grip for side-hilling, and extreme traction when off-roading.

ARGO Terrain Control (ATC) provides one-touch preset buttons that let you match tire inflation to any terrain, and auto inflates or deflates the tire for optimal performance.

The ARGO Sasquatch XTX features a ROPS 3471-certified high-quality interior that is capable of carrying four people. The QX4 crew cab provides an ultra-quiet environment with full panoramic views and an ergonomically designed interior.

The ARGO Sasquatch XTX features an HDT automatic e-steer transmission designed by parent company, ODG, paired with a robust Doosan three-cylinder 1.8 L high-output turbo diesel engine, designed to power you efficiently on land or water. With this engine, Sasquatch can go with a maximum speed of 25MPH (40 km/h) on land, and in water, it has a maximum speed of 4 MPH (6km/h).

The Sasquatch XTX FlexBox is built with multiple tie-down capabilities and additional sealed storage to handle heavy gear and equipment. It is made of durable construction materials; the Flexbox has a sealed bed floor with two drain plugs and a total storage capacity of 57.5 cubic feet; the Flexbox is wide and long enough to carry all the tools a job site needs. The vehicle is also integrated with the SquatchBox, which provides an additional 3.8 cubic feet of sealed storage built into the side of the FlexBox. This is how you move in this world with hard work.

In addition, the ARGO’s new 12 inches (304 mm) color infotainment touch display, complete with day or night viewing modes and loaded with integrated features to provide real-time vehicle performance information. This vehicle is also equipped with a 180° rear viewing camera.

The company has not disclosed the price of this all-terrain vehicle yet. However, ARGO Sasquatch XTX will be available in the coming months of 2023.