Monday, June 17, 2024

Samsung’s faceless robot dog designed for your surveillance needs

It is certainly not easy to come up with a design that suits everyone, and robotics needs to think first and foremost about the practical side. So when you invent a four-legged robotic friend, you will probably think mainly of its stability, fluidity of movement, artificial intelligence, and the ability to handle even more difficult terrain or stairs.

Robotic dogs are often designed to resemble real-life dogs in both appearance and behavior. The vast majority of robotic dogs we’ve seen so far have a pretty friendly design. However, the Samsung M-1 robotic dog looks like it just came out of a horror movie.

Created by Turin-based designer Gaetano De Cicco, the Samsung M-1 is also pretty surreal, but the look of the robots makes its idea even more creepy. When we look at the pictures, we see that the Samsung Prototype Dog-Bot would naturally have four legs, and its body would be covered with a skin-effect material that is water and weather resistant. Although it looks scary, this coating makes the robot more durable and flexible.

The concept has neither a head nor a face. The head is replaced by a screen through which the machine can communicate with its owner. The dog robot designed by Gaetano de Cicco was first intended to be presented only as a home protection device, i.e., it would have functioned as a kind of moving alarm with various sensors and cameras.

However, due to the rapid development of artificial intelligence, it is not excluded that it will also be able to chase balls and give you a leaping welcome when it senses your arrival. In addition to playing with you, it can also perform specific tasks such as monitoring, identifying intruders.

In fact, you can be terrified if you see the Samsung M-1 at night or with your eyes open. According to designer Gaetano De Cicco, when creating the Samsung M-1, engineers focused on its capabilities instead of looks. The M-1 isn’t cute, but Cicco makes sure it’s useful to its owner.

Currently, the Samsung M-1 is still in development. Samsung has not revealed when to launch this robot model to the market.

Is this how we imagine the future? Will one’s best friend soon only need a charging station instead of food and walking?