Monday, May 20, 2024

Samsung plans to launch an 8K QLED ‘Bezel-less’ TV at CES

2020 will most likely be the year of 8K TV models. Some of the most important models will be presented already next week in CES 2020 in Las Vegas. And Samsung could once again cause a sensation at CES in the TV sector. The brand’s completely bezel-less, 8K QLED model is expected to be announced there.

You can have a preview look at what the TV will look like – what the German website 4KFilme says are the first pictures of the 8K TV set. The naming tells us that Samsung will probably continue the 2020 models (TV and audio) as the T series. The 8K model series should, therefore, come on the market as the Q900T or Q950T.

If this image and information are correct, then certainly, it is not absolutely, perfectly zero-bezel, but it is very close to it. We can better distinguish a very, very thin black line surrounding the slab. The flat, forward-curved stand has been well received by users and allows the associated soundbar to be “installed” easily.

A previous rumor suggested that the production of this 8K QLED model could start in February. The price of the beast is not (yet) known, and this display design is said to have been implemented for TV sets of 65-inches and larger.

Finally, there is the question of the real interest of this kind of functionality. Is a TV without any edge really useful? Does this add anything to the experience for the viewer? Hard to say. It is, in any case, a beautiful technical demonstration that Samsung would present there.