Friday, May 31, 2024

SAIL: The ultra-thin and durable electric skateboard

Every morning we wake up with new advancement in different gadgets. We adopt those advancements to make life even better. Similarly, Teamgee has designed a revolutionary electric skateboard which is ultra-thin and lightweight yet powerful to carry anywhere you go. It is to put fun into your commute. They called it ‘SAIL’.

SAIL is only 11 lbs in weight. Regardless of the level of expertise, whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will have more fun than you could ever imagine.

With SAIL you can take a tour at up to 20 Mph with 10 Miles of range on a single charge. It is due to its powerful brushless Motors.

Also, SAIL, built with two different speed modes, which take care of your comfortability on the board. It is powered by a single silent in-wheel hub motor to offer a range of 10 miles and let you to your destination swiftly.

No bulky battery to trouble you. It equipped an advanced built-in battery bank that is as thin as the deck itself and built right into it. SAIL is the easiest electric board to jump on and start cruising. Since its design is to accommodate professional, and new learners.

Lower gravity with drop through deck
Lower gravity with drop through deck

Its integrated battery, shorter trucks and drop through deck make it sits closer to the ground. This improved center of gravity offers better rider balance and easier turning or carving. This is the most highlighted feature of SAIL.

The deck is made of 11-Ply Canadian Maple and Carbon Fiber. It is the best known for its strength, durability yet flexible like a regular longboard. Also, it allows the integrated battery cells to stay protected and bend with the board.

SAIL utilizes 83 mm wheels which simply specify its explicit features such as less drag, long lasting, lightweight, smoother brakes, and a silent ride.

If in any case, you run out of battery you can easily kick push the SAIL. Its in-wheel hub motors have regenerating braking, which allows a battery to recharge as you go downhill or slow down. Which set it for longer rides.

Its intuitive ergonomic remote add some extra highlights to SAIL. It becomes easy to control, its acceleration and deceleration respond quickly, keep you informed about your speed, battery status and the direction of your SAIL.

  • Top speed of 20 Mph
  • 10 Miles of range
  • Weight is 11 lbs
  • Thickness is 12 mm
  • Integrated thin battery
  • The material used is 11-later maple
  • Carbon fiber
  • Strong and flexible

You can experience the fun with this new ultra-thin electric skateboard. It is pliable, lightweight and easy to learn for any individual with any level of expertise.