Friday, May 31, 2024

Safran to power AURA AERO’s electric aircraft projects

Safran Electrical & Power is to collaborate with French company Aura Aero for accelerating the development of two aircrafts: the INTEGRAL E training aircraft and the ERA (Electric Regional Aircraft). The two companies will work together on the architecture and electric propulsion systems of two aircrafts.

Announced in March 2021, ERA (Electric Regional Aircraft) is set to revolutionize the eco-sensible regional flight operations, with a maximum cruise speed of 300 knots (555 km/h) and a fully electric range of up to 215 Nautical miles (398 km). The aircraft is capable of transporting 19 passengers or 2,500 kg cargo. This unique regional electric aircraft will boast a 100% bio-based, recycled, and recyclable cabin.

Safran will develop a high direct voltage propulsive architecture for ERA’s motors to deliver the power needed for the electric engines. It will also develop the “non-propulsive” electrical architecture used to power the aircraft’s other systems. The electric 19-seater is slated to make its first flight in 2024, with the commercial flight scheduled to begin by 2027.

The INTEGRAL E flight demonstrator, the aerobatic-capable two-seater training aircraft, is currently being developed by the French manufacturer. The flight demonstrator will feature Safran’s innovative ENGINeUS electric motor capable of delivering more than 100 kW and the GENeUSGRID distribution and protection system. The whole system will produce zero CO2 emissions and will generate less noise than conventional aircraft.

The aircraft will have a maximum cruising speed of 180 knots (335 km/h) and a range of 600 nautical miles (1,111 km). The first flight is scheduled for 2022, with deliveries slated for 2023.

“This joint project between an aircraft manufacturer and an expert in aeronautical, electrical systems is a milestone – one that is essential if we are to develop electric aircraft,” said Wilfried Dufaud, Co-Founder & Chief Programs Officer of AURA AERO. “In 2022, this collaboration will result in the 100% electric INTEGRAL E training aircraft taking to the skies, which will be EASA & FAA certified in 2023. As part of the joint aim to industrialize the production of electric aircraft, Safran is providing its rare expertise in high-voltage networks, which is needed for the INTEGRAL E and ERA architectures. This collaboration is evidence of our shared determination to decarbonize the aviation sector.”