Wednesday, May 22, 2024

SafeWatch to detect cardiac arrests

Cardiac arrests and the demises occurring demises are no more new to us. Many a time it happens out of the blue leaving no aid options. To reduce or avert these anytime and anywhere occurring deaths passionate Swiss engineers with many years of experience in ultra-precision electronics have developed the SafeWatch. 

A smartwatch can readily detect sudden unconsciousness, cardiac arrests, and falls. It is equipped with many sensors that can automatically call for help in that crucial minutes. The SafeWatch has produced a confidence in people prone to cardiac arrests to wander fear free.

Key features of SafeWatch

The SafeWatch has the HELP button to ask for immediate aid by pressing it manually. Similarly, the following are the features make it exceptional from other available devices.

The best sensor technology

In the crowd of fake and real emergencies, this smartwatch avoids the false alarms. It has come with more advanced sensors than available until now. Together with their software, neural network, and machine learning, the watch is advance in technology than ever before.

Proactive and automatic emergency detection

It is very certain that the unconscious person due to any reason can not request himself for the aid. The SafeWatch automatically detects the emergency and asks “Need Help” before you can think of pressing the SOS button. After a few seconds, if it doesn’t get any response, the smartwatch automatically send alerts to the stored contacts. Up to 5 emergency contacts can be stored.

The 12-day battery life

It has a battery life of 12 days in real-world conditions. In addition to this, the SafeWatch has 20% reserved life. A wireless charging station is to make charging easier.

Other captivating features

SafeWatch comes in a simple yet stylish design, comfortable to wear, available in different colors, and water-resistant.

How does it work?

Based on several data inputs from sensors, SafeWatch checks the entire day whether your heart and motion data are within safe parameters.

As soon as the watch detects any kind of casualty (eg. inactivity, cardiac arrest), it asks if help is needed and wait for few seconds. If you confirm with “HELP” or “OK” or you do not respond for that programmed time it will automatically contact alerts the contacts stored in it.

When you press the “HELP” you can talk to them through the watch since it includes a microphone and speaker.

All stored contacts receive a push notification and SMS, which link to the emergency page in the app. It continuously updates the location and the status on that same page.

The special feature of the app

Medications: It has a feature to store the names of the drugs. It also triggers an alarm when it is time to take medicines.

Forgetting the phone: The GPS and the connection to the phone network are secured via the smartphone. Right after the user goes outside the Bluetooth range to the smartphone, the watch starts to vibrate and will display a message.