Tuesday, April 16, 2024

S-Walk, a Golf e-Trolley that automatically adapts to golfer’s pace

Golfers who do not like to move (push/pull) their golf trolleys and golf accessories, now have the opportunity to choose self-propelled carts. Recently, a Swiss startup Hit the Green introduced a self-propelled golf cart, which is able to monitor the speed of the user and move in accordance with it.

With this smart electric golf cart, called S-Walk, you no longer need to manipulate buttons or handles. It will automatically adjust to your pace and allow you to fully focus on your next shot. S-Walk uses the patented sensor system that scans your position, and this advanced motion control algorithm helps to regulate the trolley speed in every condition, flat, uphill, and downhill.

The system allows it to determine whether it is moving up or down the slope. In accordance with this, it either increases the return of its two electric motors, or it releases the brakes. In addition, its four wheels conception bring a completely new experience of stability.

The Lithium-ion battery can travel up to 54 holes on steep paths.
The Lithium-ion battery can travel up to 54 holes on steep paths. Credit: Hit the Green

The LiDAR sensor helps it to measure how far away the user is moving behind it. When a person starts walking faster or slower, the cart does the same – keeping a small distance from it. At the same time, the user can independently control the trolley using a special handle.

S-Walk is equipped with a battery capacity of 270 watts-hours, which, as indicated, allows it – on a single charge – to cover up to 54 holes. Thanks to the design and production of structural parts made from carbon fiber composites, the frame is only 2.5kg, and the fully assembled trolley is below 8.5kg. The well-engineered foldable system helps the customer to pack it in 2 seconds in its dedicated molded case.

Currently, Hit the Green is raising funds for the production of S-Walk on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. So far, the project has raised just about $516 (with a stated goal of approximately $46,000).