Friday, May 24, 2024

Cyclocar, a six-seater hybrid-electric flying car for armed forces

Russia has a great interest in flying cars, although, to date, it has not released much information about it. However, recently a press release published on the Federal Government’s official website announced that a fully-fledged flying car, called “Cyclocar,” will be ready for its first test flight in 2022, with the hope to start production by 2024.

Cyclocar is a cyclolet, a hybrid-electric autonomous aircraft that is supported and moved in the air thanks to its four cyclic propellers. It can carry up to six people or a 600 kg payload, making it suitable for a variety of purposes, including transporting personnel to places that would be otherwise impossible to access.

The plan calls for the hybrid flying car to be available for civilian and military use, including urban air mobility, search and rescue, police work, fire-fighting, tourism, surveying, battlefield transport, and more. Last year, a small-scale version of the flying hybrid car weighing around 60 kg was tested successfully.

Developed under the Cyclone project, the Cyclocar will be presented with a fully electric powertrain when it makes its maiden flight next year, although a hybrid version is also envisaged. The full-size version will measure 6.2 × 6 meters, travel at speeds of up to 250 km/h (155 mph), and have a range of 500 km (310 miles). Thanks to the cyclic propellers, it will be compact, offer fast thrust vector control and low noise levels. Plus, it will also be emissions-free with the all-electric drivetrain.

The Cyclocar will be able to land on an inclined surface (up to 30 degrees) and dock to vertical surfaces. Access to the interior is both from the stern and from the sides, while the rear door ramp allows for moving gear or special equipment in and out.

Driving the Cyclocar will be no more difficult than driving modern cars. Piloting can be carried out by the operator on board, or from a gadget in the operating area of the onboard communication system of the Cyclocar, or from a ground control point as a full-fledged drone.

In coming years, we’re about to witness a number of interesting flying car models, from flying race cars to Skybuses eVTOL carrying up to 50 passengers.