Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Rumble: The World’s first electric bike with an engine sound

If you drive an electric bike or such bike passing by and doesn’t make any sound, How do you feel or think of it at first? It doesn’t give you feel of riding a bike or not even the people around get to know that any bike passing beside.

The engine sound is not merely a cool idea to flaunt but it is meant for safety reasons as well. Rumble Motors designed and developed a new cutting-edge design and technology electric scooter. The design and shape are inspired by a Cafe Racer bike, this is when the past meets the future of electric bikes.

Rumble e-Bike is to create a blend of the past and the future to stimulate the emotion that you are riding a motorcycle and not a scooter.

How does it make noise?

The body-mounted speaker that makes vroom-vroom engine noises just like a big boy motorcycle. With just a touch of a button, the bike provides a motorcycle noise soundtrack for itself. The noisemaker is tied to the throttle, and you can actually “rev” the engine noise and you get acceleration and deceleration noises as you drive.

Electric bike with engine sound
Rumble Motors

The company’s stated goal with the vroom-vroom noise is to increase safety and let people know the scooter is coming. The three unique characteristics of this bike are;

  • Swedish Design
  • Innovative Technology and Design
  • Timeless is key for Rumble

Specifications of Rumble

  • Max Speed – 70 km/h – 44 mph
  • Wheelbase – 1250mm
  • Net Weight – 105 kg / 231 lb
  • Wheel size – 110/70R – 12
  • Dimensions – 1800x460x860 mm
  • Motor Power – 2000W
  • Range per full charge – 100 km / 60 miles
  • Battery voltage – 72V
  • Charging Time – 2-3 hours
  • Motor Type – Hub-wound motor

Creators wanted Rumble e-Bike to fit everyone. They understood that many “motor-heads” didn’t like the fact that electric bikes didn’t have an engine sound. Therefore, they created a great sound that resembles the Rumble feeling when you hit the throttle.

Likewise, for safety, it is perfect if you are riding your Rumble in the city enabling drivers to hear you coming. This could be the next generation e-bike.